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The On The Line Club membership offers you an opportunity to engage with the more-than-5,000 On The Line members around the world to support community service, and to stay connected with other athletes and like minded individuals, through a calendar of unique and compelling events and activities.

Your membership dues support:

• Admission to exclusive members-only Club events, such as our AMAZING New York City Pop-Up Party;

• Substantially discounted admission to Club events that are open to the wider community, such as happy hours, keynote speakers, and Club-organized fitness events.

• Access to a network of exceptional athletes and other sports professionals around the world.

• Service to athletes after the game by helping them build a professional network with like minded individuals.

• Community-service activities, such as hosting youth sports camps, donating to youth programs, and mentoring the next generation;

• Helping create new luxury products and apparel that will be designed and manufactured specifically for athletes— We will be taking surveys at events to develop ideal products. Made in the USA, helping create jobs more jobs.

• Providing mentors for kids from lesser communities and giving back to the next generation of athletes.

• On The Line Awards to outstanding current and retired athletes that are committed to making a difference and are working for something bigger than themselves. As a way of recognizing excellence and encouraging talented young athletes to stay on their path to greatness and becoming the best version of themselves.

Memberships are available to all current and retired college and professional athletes (ages 17-100), people who work directly with a team (i.e. coaches, trainers, agents etc.), family members of current NCAA student athletes, and others who work in sports related industries.

Once you complete an application, a representative from our membership team will be in touch shortly.