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Class Review- Barry's Bootcamp

Class & Studio: Barry’s Bootcamp- Dupont Circle, Full Body Class 

Instructor: Quintin

Class Length: 55 min

Cost: $34- single class

Sweat Level: 10/10- definitely dripping by halfway through class!

Locker Room: Locker rooms are amazing! Plenty of showers, amazing products and the towels are so soft. Can’t forget the added bonus of the fuel/smoothie bar in the studio!

Class Description: Entering the “red room", Barry’s workout room, can be a little intimidating but also exciting. One wall of the room is lined with treadmills, another with dumbbell racks, and the rest of the room is open with benches lined in rows. The way Barry’s workouts are structured is that you alternate back and forth between running on the treadmill and doing floor exercises. You are given the option to start on the treadmill, floor, or to remain on the floor for the entire workout. Each day of the week all the classes are focused on working certain body parts, when I went it was full body day, so the possibilities of movements were endless. The treadmill component of the class consisted of treadmill sprints and incline work. The instructor gave us a range of speeds to be at during each part of the treadmill workout and instructed us through every speed and incline change. The floor component of the workout consisted of various body weight and dumbbell moves in a circuit type format. We switched between the treadmill and floor 3 times during class. 

Review: This class was amazing!!! The treadmill work combined with circuit training in a HIIT style is everything I could ever ask for in a workout. With other workout classes I’ve done, like soulcycle or boxing, it can be intimidating because they require movements you really only do in the classes and as an athlete I don’t have a lot of experience in. But, Barry’s workout movements were all things I was used to or if there were any new moves, Quintin,the instructor, did a great job of demoing and explaining them. The energy of this class was awesome, the red lights, awesome music and Quintin pushing us made me feel like such a badass. The class flew by and by the end I felt super accomplished. The class was filled with a ton of high-fives and even some dancing in between rounds. I definitely want to go back and try a day that is focused on another body part, the only bummer is the price per class is pretty pricey.

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