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Solid Core Review

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Location: Downtown Bethesda, MD

Instructor: Sami W.

[solidcore] #hitsdifferent. It really does. If you’re not familiar with this up-and-coming fitness class, it involves a single pilates machine known as “The Megaformer”. I can think of so many reasons why this name is perfectly suitable, which I’ll get to soon enough.

The primary focus of [solidcore] is resistance. You want to perform every movement as slowly as possible until your muscles reach full exhaustion. SICK. So while it won’t get your heart rate up the way a HIIT workout will, the burn will be twice as intense.

There are variations of the class that target different muscle groups, but of course, core is heavily involved. I took the class “Inner thighs and Chest”. Here’s the low down:

I loved this combo! What I loved most about the class, is that I was really forced to activate certain muscles that often get overpowered by the stronger ones. It’s easy to let our hip flexors and quads take over during inner thigh workouts. But the design of these machines and movements, along with Sami’s clear instructions, made it impossible to cheat. I felt the burn, I felt the shakes, and I know I’ll feel it tomorrow.


Yeah there is a “but”. And this is a big one. As I said, the class is designed to work your muscles to exhaustion, and then some. There were a lot of moments where I felt like I could severely injure myself. As athletes, we know how to push through the burn, through the mental barriers. But we also know the difference between good pain and bad pain. And I could tell on many accounts that something didn’t feel right. My advice would be to get a gooood stretch, maybe foam roll before walking into a Solid Core studio. And listen to your body- know the difference between pushing through exhaustion and putting yourself in harm's way.

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