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Austin Carroll: Professional Hockey

This week we have the honor of getting to know professional hockey player and all-around beauty, Austin Carroll.

Austin was drafted in 2014 by the Calgary Flames. The next year, he signed a three-year NHL contract with Calgary. He kicked off his professional career with 141 games in the American Hockey League with the Stockton Heat. To date, Austin has played 190 professional games.

The talented six-foot-three, 212 pound Right Wing also throws a nice right hook. He plays with heart, hits hard, and puts it all out on the line every shift.

1. What is one piece of advice you would give yourself 10 years ago?

"Live life to the fullest. Never do anything half-ass. Work when it’s time to work, play when it’s time to play. And always remember, you never know who’s watching. "

2.  If you could go 10 years into the future and ask yourself one question, what would it be? "I would ask myself what opportunities/experiences/risks didn’t I take that I wish I had."

3.  If you could credit one thing to be the difference between a winning and losing team, what would it be? "Extraordinary determination, never give up. When the going gets tough the tough get going."

4. Any advice for a young player that likes to fight?  "Don’t fight just to fight. Play the game hard and physical. The best fights always come from raw emotion in your game."

5. Sh*t talk: the most epic thing you’ve ever said to someone on the ice? "Chirping isn’t a strong suit. I tend to jumble the words and make myself look bad. I leave that for the witty characters on the team."

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