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George Kirby: Professional Baseball

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Happy Wisdom Wednesday from this rising baseball star, George Kirby!

George Kirby, a New York native, just finished up his junior year pitching for the Elon University baseball team. Within these three years of his Division 1 baseball career, George has been recognized for a number of accomplishments, from CAA All-Rookie Team as a freshman, to CAA Pitcher of the Year after this allstar spring season. In the 2019 MLB baseball draft, George kirby was selected as a 1st round pick by the Seattle Mariners. His future is promising, and the Mariners are thrilled to welcome him to their organization.

Here’s a look into the mind of the young talent himself:

If you give yourself advice 10 years ago, what would it be?

“If you really wanna pursue a certain profession (baseball), you gotta dig deep and push hard through all the adversities that come your way.”'

If you could go 10 years into the future and ask yourself one thing, what would it be?

“Was everything you’ve done up to this point worth it?”

Was there ever a specific moment when you realized you had a chance at the big leagues?

“No specific moment, but when I knew I could compete with players in the cape league, it gave me tons of confidence this past spring season to go all out.”

Pre-Game routine?

“I usually had The Root for lunch (popular restaurant in downtown Elon) before games I was pitching, and on the field, I always use bands and plyo balls to warm up my arm for every start”.

Between training, travel, and games, baseball is definitely one of the more time-consuming sports. What is your biggest source of motivation that keeps you going when your schedule becomes a bit overwhelming?

“If you wanna play in the big leagues you have to embrace the minor league grind. Everyone that’s playing or played in the majors has gone through the same thing, so for me, I just think about where I want to see myself in 3-5 years and suck it up when it comes to traveling and other time-consuming aspects of the game.”

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