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Alex Aust & Marcus Holman: Professional Lacrosse Power Couple

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Happy Wisdom Wednesday from the professional lacrosse power couple, Alex Aust and Marcus Holman! Today we are getting an inside look at the lacrosse power couple after PLL and WPLL season openers!

They are Couple Goals. Literally, these two athletes combined rack up the numbers...

Alex Aust graduated from the University of Maryland in 2013 helping the Terps win 4 ACC championships and a National Championship. During her senior season she was the IWLCA attacker of the year, first team all american, and was a Tewaaraton Finalist. In her post collegiate career, Alex has been a member of the US National Team since 2014 and won a gold medal in the 2017 World Games. Currently, Alex is a director of Finish Line Lacrosse and is a member of the WPLL Pride.

Marcus Holman is a University of North Carolina alum, graduating in 2013. During his career as a Tarheel he was a 3x All American and during his senior season led his team to the ACC championship and was a Tewaaraton Finalist. Marcus is also a member of the US National Team and won a gold medal in the 2018 World Games. Professionally after college, Marcus played major league lacrosse for the Ohio Machine and has been an MLL all-star the past three seasons. In 2017, Marcus lead the Machine to win the MLL championship and was named the game MVP. Currently Marcus is an assistant coach for the University of Utah Men’s Lacrosse Team and is a member of the PLL Archers.

This past weekend the Women's Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL) and Professional Lacrosse League opened both their seasons at Gillette Stadium in Boston MA, showcasing the best of the best.

Here’s a look into the minds of these two champion athletes and their experiences training together.

P.S. Questions were answered separately!

If you give yourself advice 10 years ago, what would it be?

Alex: Well given the fact that 10 years ago I was 18 (woof) I would tell myself to be confident! Put in the hardwork/prep and know that you deserve to be where you are. I was about to head into my freshman year at Maryland and it took me a bit to believe in myself. I am so thankful I had teammates and coaches that supported me because I'm not sure where I'd be if they didn't. Trust yourself! Trust the process and have fun of course :) Also- to not care about things you don't care about. Seems simple, but it can be easy to be swept up into issues that have nothing to do with your goals or purpose- don't allow it to.

Marcus: Advice for my 18 year old self, haha. I'd say to take time for yourself each day in thought and reflection. With so much noise in today's world we hardly have time to listen to ourselves and control our inner voice. It's been beneficial to me as I've gotten older.

If you could go 10 years into the future and ask yourself one thing, what would it be?

Alex: hmm tough one... I'd ask myself for some guidance on which passion, project, or initiative I should be devoting my energy to most. There are so many changes I'd like to see in our world, and I hope 10 years from now, especially as a female entrepreneur/professional athlete, we are a LOT further along. I'd just like to know where I can make the most change or at least help the people around me.

Marcus: What are your priorities and who are your closest friends?

We've seen your post of you two working out together, who is the one who usually needs a little extra motivation to get to the gym?

Alex: I'd say we are pretty equal, and I'm really lucky to have a partner who understands how important health and wellness is. However, depending on how early it is I need the extra kick in the AM for sure. I love sleep :)

Marcus: We both are pretty motivated to get our training done. I'd say Alex needs a little extra prodding to get out of bed - she likes the snooze button :)

How do you think lacrosse will benefit from the PLL and WPLL partnership?

Alex: I think it’s going to benefit lacrosse and both genders immensely. This weekend was amazing! I cannot express how cool it was to go to Marcus's game and see young boys AND girls there to watch. Asking for pictures with WPLL and PLL players, autographs etc. It was amazing to be there as a fan and player and see the average fan enjoy a lacrosse game. So many people have become fans of the sport because of the exposure both leagues have. Lacrosse has always been great, its now getting the media coverage and reach its deserved.

Marcus: I think lacrosse is already benefiting from the PLL and WPLL working together. We are seeing more people interact on social media with both leagues, and hopefully fan attendance continues to grow as well. It is nice to see the players in each league openly supporting each other. Let's go Pride!

How long did it take you guys to get over the Terp- TarHeel rivalry?

Alex: We are both pretty good sports about it. I'd say Marcus is a little better than I am, he's given me a couple Go Terps and Utah's colors are Red and Black which makes it easier :) But in all good fun I am so grateful that we both come from passionate programs that have a legacy of excellence. A champion's mentality is unique and I love learning how Carolina has benefited him and his family. GO Terps though…

Marcus: We love to friendly brag to each other about which school is better. But yea not sure we're over it just yet..

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